Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures

Unknown Pleasures

As many times as I‘ve listened to this album, I’ve never got the sense I was actually in the studio with them as they were recording. Martin Hannet’s production gave this album a particularly cold, icy sound that if not presented right, can be pretty unforgiving. With the L100C’s, the harshness just gives way to intense atmosphere and the sense you are there in 1979 watching the whole thing go down. 

Gary Numan - Telekon


The dynamics on this really shine with the L100C's. In particular, "I Dream of Wires" starts out with a long synth drone which builds up to an all out gut punch assault when it fully kicks in. It's the song I demo where people let out an audible "wow!" Listen to it loud! 

Pink Floyd - Atom Heart Mother


Although somewhat on the obscure side, this is probably my favorite Pink Floyd album. The guitars have a room filling thickness to them and the drums  have a sharp attack that shows the strength of the 12" woofer.

Galaxie 500 - Today


The song “Don’t Let Our Youth Go to Waste” was the first time I’ve ever heard a stereo make me feel as if I was actually playing the music. So much focus is on critiquing the sound as if it’s a stage being presented to you. On this track, the drum beat thrusts you right behind the kit. It’s like you can feel and hear the air blowing past your ears. 

John Grant - Pale Green Ghosts

The opening  track, just in case you got the idea these are Classic Rock speakers only.

The opening track, just in case you got the idea these are Classic Rock speakers only....

Boards of Canada - Geodaddi


Although all albums by B.O.C. Are filled with a seascape of sounds, this one is so varied and the imaging on some of the tracks, is just boggling. Try “Gyroscope“ and prepare to be blown away. 


Fugazi 13 Songs


Sure is nice to listen to some Fugazi full tilt without having to make excuses for your tiny woofers. 

The Guess Who - American Woman


Obviously, most Classic Rock sounds amazing on the new L100’s. This one in particular is on heavy rotation.